Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby Spirituality

I was reading a fellow mommy blogger's entry about Easter and how she wants her children to know the 'true' meaning of Easter and it got me to thinking. Even though I was raised in a very Christian home.. I don't know what it is exactly that I want to teach my son about Easter or about religion and spirituality for that matter. When he was born I had him christened and I've taken him to church a hand full of times. But when I've gone I just didn't feel connected.

My son is being raised very differently from the way I grew up. And when I really sit down and think about it that really surprises me. I always thought that I would raise a family that looked alot like the one I grew up in. There are many differences between the way I'm raising him and my own upbringing. Other than the fact that he's not being raised in a two parent home the other biggie is that I was raised in the church and so far he isn't. I'm on a spiritual journey myself and right now I don't feel led to go to church. I want my son to have spirituality and a relationship with God.. but I'm just not sure what that should look like yet.

I grew up as a preacher's kid. We never missed church as a family. Being a Christian was a huge part of my upbringing. When I was in college I began to struggle with what I believed to be true. As I've gotten older a big turn off for me and Christianity has been their position on homosexuality. I just can't stomach the hypocrisy and hatred towards a group of people because of who they choose to love. I believe that the focus of Christianity should be to love each other as much as we possibly can. So, I haven't found a church or group where I feel comfortable yet and admittedly I haven't made it a priority either. But I do feel that as a parent it is my responsibility to guide him morally and spiritually.

One thing that I thought I would do was to buy him some children's books with bible stories in them. He has a few.. but for whatever reason I don't feel drawn to most of them.

I guess I just feel like I don't want to be doing my child a disservice while I'm trying to figure out what I believe for myself. But, more than anything I want to raise a child who shows compassion and who loves without seeing any bias at all. I want him to have a heart for humanity and to realize that he should use his time here on earth to make someone elses time here a better experience.